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Presenting Sponsors of the Duluth Playhouse, Family Theatre & Underground Theatre

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Foundation & Grant Support

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Why We Donate

Top 8 Reasons to give to the Playhouse Today:

  1. Gifts of ALL sizes matter. No gift is too small. All donations help us do what we do best across our three stages. All donations are also tax-deductible!
  2. We are a not-for-profit theatre. Ticket sales only cover about 60% of our costs. With support from patrons like you, we can continue to sustain the artistic programming our patrons and community have come to appreciate.
  3. We are training the next generation. From Education programming to the Playhouse Resident Acting Company, we are committed to growing our local talent pool. 
  4. See your name and smile. At the Depot or the NorShor, your name will be in each show playbill, on the seat of your choice, or on our Wall or Walk of Fame.
  5. Support a world-class team of artists. From the classics to breaking new works both on stage and behind-the-scenes, it’s what our local and visiting artists love to do.
  6. Give a deeper experience. We interweave theatre into the fabric of our community through enrichment programs, outreach programs, and local partnerships.
  7. Become a member of the Playhouse family. Because, in the end, that’s truly what we are.

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Make a donation to the Duluth Playhouse today, and ensure our future for decades to come! In appreciation for your generous contribution, your name will appear in all upcoming playbills, and potentially more. You may also receive:


  • Donations of $10,000+: An engraved stained glass leaf on the Giving Tree in the Depot Theatre lobby
  • Donations of $1,000+: An engraved cherry wood plaque displayed in the Depot Theatre lobby
  • Donations of $500-$900: An engraved brass plate mounted on the Depot Theatre seat of your choice
  • Donations of $250-$499: An engraved star displayed in the Depot Theatre lobby
  • Donations of $1-$249:  Recognition in all Main Stage playbills

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Charitable giving can be done in many thoughtful ways. Here are a few examples of gifts that may suit your philanthrophy planning:

  • Checks, cash, or credit card. These are the most common gifts made. Your gift will be deductible at its full value on your income tax, up to 50% of your adjusted gross income (tax deduction can be spread over multiple years if needed; consult your tax advisor). Gifts can be pledged and paid over a period of several years.
  • Publicly Traded Stocks. These are easy to give and can offer you great tax advantages. If you’ve held the stock for more than 1 year, you can make a gift of publicly traded stock to The Duluth Playhouse and avoid paying capital gains tax on the transaction. Your broker can make the transaction upon your authorization and will inform The Duluth Playhouse.
  • Real Estate. Residences, vacation homes, farmland and other real estates can be given, subject to the Playhouse’s Gift Acceptance Policy. You can even give your home, cabin, farm or vacation property and continue to live there during your lifetime.
  • Qualified Retirement Assets. Your retirement fund can be taxed significantly if passed on to heirs but can pass to charities without taxation. Leaving your remaining retirement assets to The Duluth Playhouse as part of your estate planning is a very simple gift to make.
  • IRA Charitable Rollover. The now permanently extended IRA Charitable Rollover law allows individuals 70 1/2 or older to give up to $100,000 directly from their IRA to one or more qualified charities without paying federal income tax on the withdrawal. You may choose to make a qualified charitable distribution from your IRA to The Duluth Playhouse.
  • Bequest. While this involves longer-term planning, a gift made through your will can benefit The Duluth Playhouse in years to come. You can specify an amount or a percentage of your estate for The Duluth Playhouse. Sample bequest language is available.
  • Life Insurance. Simply make The Duluth Playhouse the owner and beneficiary of a paid-up policy, or designate The Duluth Playhouse as a beneficiary of your life insurance by using a Change of Beneficiary form from the insurer.
  • Tangible Personal Property. Art, collections, jewelry and other personal property may be given. Such items will generally be sold by The Duluth Playhouse and the proceeds used to carry out its mission.
  • For more information, please contact: Christine Gradl Seitz by calling 218.733.7551 or by email at


Take-a-Seat at the NorShor!


The Duluth Playhouse invites you to be among the first to support the NorShor Capital Campaign. Our Take-a-Seat Campaign offers an affordable, meaningful way to play a visible role in the restoration of this historic, dynamic theatre.

Contribute as an individual, couple, group, or family. Honor the memory of a loved one, promote your business, or mark a special occasion. The options are endless!



Other Ways to Support the Duluth Playhouse

Use Giving Assistant to donate to us while you shop! It’s easy: Giving Assistant helps you donate a percentage of your cash back earnings to us with every purchase you make at 1800+ popular online retailers. You’ll also find useful Macy’s Coupons, as well as big savings at places like Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond and JC Penney!

Duluth Playhouse Inc.

Great deals. Good deeds.

Use Giving Assistant to save money and support Duluth Playhouse Inc.


Donor Stories

“After devoting years and years to the Duluth Playhouse, one would assume I’d pursue a career in performing. Instead, I decided to become a nurse. Even though I’ve prepared myself in this profession through countless college courses and volunteering sessions, nothing has taught me more than the Playhouse has.

Before the Playhouse, I could not sing in front of others without being morbidly terrified; I could not start a conversation without anyone there to help me; all in all, I could not be myself.

With the Children’s Theatre program, I learned every person walking through the Conservatory doors has a gift to share and a story to tell. It has taught me how to be supportive.

The Playhouse has taught me more about living than anything else. I think that anyone, whether you decide to become a nurse or an actor, can gain something from theatre. Whether you’re acting on stage or in the audience, theatre can teach so much more about life than one would ever expect to find within a (sometimes) overly dramatic portrayal of living. The Duluth Playhouse has not only taught me to find faith in others, but faith in myself.

As the holiday season nears, I hope you’ll consider a tax-deductible gift to the Playhouse. Your generosity directly benefits the quality of experience, not just with the Playhouse, but with the Children’s Theatre and Underground as well.The Playhouse has already been here for over a century, and I know they plan to stick around for generations to come. They wouldn’t be here without supporters like you, and I honestly wouldn’t be here without the Playhouse.

Thank you so much, and best wishes this holiday season!” – Maddison (young actor and student)


“When my husband and I headed north, we were very sad to leave behind the vibrant theatre community in the cities. We were so delighted and surprised to find an equally vibrant theatre community on the north shore. We haven’t missed a show since we relocated — the Playhouse is our favorite way to spend a date night. We love this theatre and look forward t countless date nights to come!” – Amanda Joy, patron


“I went and saw Rock of Ages here. It was the first production I have seen since high school, and I had so much fun! The music was awesome, the cast was super friendly, and it was a great way to spend an evening.” – Josh Casavan, patron


“I can’t say enough about what they are dong at the Duluth Playhouse. The acting is superb. Watching Mary Poppins with my family, the performance was top notch. Mary Poppins (played by Ali Littrell Finstrom) was stellar. Each actor did an excellent job. A “must-do” great Duluth experience!” – Christopher Swanson, patron


“Fantastic production of Shrek: The Musical by the Children’s Theatre! We loved it. We came home and found the Broadway version on Netflix and agreed that we all liked the Playhouse version better! Fabulous cast with so much talent! This was my 9-year-old niece’s introduction to musical theatre, and I think she’s hooked!” – Jeanne Kurshoff, patron


“The staff is awesome and they do everything to make sure we have the best show and most lovely of experiences each and every time.” – Meghan Jarecki, Playhouse and Children’s Theatre performer


“We have been season ticket holders for a number of years and we have been thoroughly entertained by the quality of all performances. The production, the acting, the sets are all top notch.” – Edward Thompson, patron and season ticket holder