A Note from the Director of ‘1984’


“George Orwell’s novel 1984 is a quintessential dystopian novel. Since being published in 1949 it has continuously been relevant as a warning of authoritarianism. Government surveillance, perpetual war, English Socialism or Newspeak, Thoughtcrime, Historical Revisionism and Big Brother are themes that are ringing truer with people today in more significant ways than ever before and the novel has recently become a bestseller again.

I would like to clearly present an experience that clearly conveys all the paranoia and brutal reality of Orwell’s original work. The production will be use projections, movement choreography and stylized characterization in addition to traditional scene work to tell the story of 1984. As an ensemble, we will create a fluid and cohesive production that not only explores the dark themes of the work but also highlights the hope that friendship, connection and love can provide when you feel utterly alone.” — Robert Lee



A Note on Casting

We are looking for a cast of about 8. Most actors are not gender, age or type specific. Everyone who is passionate about telling this story is encouraged to audition. When auditioning make sure to approach each of the characters you read for in a unique way. The show is heavy but the process is going to be a blast.



Auditions for 1984 are May 20, 2017!

Time:  10:00am – Noon

Callbacks:  TBD

PREPARE: Be prepared to perform all monologues (included in the audition packet) in very different ways.

Download the ‘1984’ Audition Packet