A Note from the Director of ‘A Christmas Carol’


“A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is perhaps one of the most popular stories of the Christmas season.  Dickens published his novella in the late fall of 1843.  Meant as a quick means to make a little money, it turned out to be arguably his most popular piece of fiction.  Over the years there have many adaptations for the stage and screen, both musical and straight play, and who could forget Scrooge McDuck?  (I can, I can forget him.)  The Duluth Playhouse has decided to produce a straight play adaptation but with a little extra holiday spirit by way of injecting many songs of the season. Carolling carolers will abound and music and a choral ensemble will be featured from the pit.

I would like this production to be very character driven with special attention to the Cratchit family. Holiday memories seem to be warmer the more distance you travel from the time of their making. I would like the Cratchits to embody the very best memories of love and hope found during the holiday season.  By contrast, Scrooge is devoid of warmth and invites only loneliness. I am very much looking forward to seeing this holiday classic come to the stage.  Please come out for auditions!” — Jeffrey Madison


A bit on the characters…

PLEASE NOTE: Some characters may be combined and some of them will appear in the show but aren’t specifically provided with audition materials during these auditions (ie. Fezziwig).

Scrooge: Cold and gnarled by self-imposed loneliness.  He lashes out at a society that he feels mistreated him. Playing age into his 60s.

Cratchit Family

  • Bob Cratchit:  Warm, loving, hardworking, ready to tease, and is quick to remember the best in humanity. Playing age in the 30s to early 40s.
  • Mrs Cratchit: Same as Bob but more honest. She runs the house and takes her job seriously.
  • Martha, Belinda, and Peter Cratchit: Experience all that siblings endure with each other.  The individual personalities will come out during staging. The kids playing ages are preteen for Peter and early teens for Martha and Belinda.
  • Tim Cratchit:  Small boy troubled by a very noticeable handicap with an enormous heart and good-natured spirit.


Young Scrooge:  Serious but still able to find enjoyment among friends and family.  Age- late teen to early 20s

Fan: Young scrooge’s older sister.  She is loved by scrooge and is his most gentle and loving childhood friend.  Age- late teens early 20s.

Dick:  Young Scrooge’s friend.  Charismatic and ready to push limits.  He gets ahead with charm and although driven, allows himself time to enjoy life.

Belle:  Young Scrooge’s love interest.  She is reminiscent of Fan in character and beauty.  She treats Scrooge well and is truly heartbroken by his rejection.  Late teens to early 20s.

Scrooge’s Nephew:  -Handsome, energetic, full of life.  He is very clearly Fan’s son.  Late 20s.

Christmas Past:  Soft edges like a memory.  Bright and gentle.  Most likely cast as a woman in any age range.

Christmas Present:  Larger than life.  Tall and impressive in stature and commanding in presence.

Christmas Future:  No age range- non-speaking. Most likely doubled from the cast.

There are many other named characters involved in the scenes of past, present, and future.  As mentioned before, they will very likely be combined in some fashion and will present some fun and have challenging dramatic work.


Auditions for A Christmas Carol are May 20, 20117!

Time:  10:00am – Noon

Callbacks:  Sunday, May 21, 2017
Callback Times:  TBD
PREPARE:  Please read the book by Charles Dickens (which can be found online for free) and/or be familiar with the characters. Also be prepared to sing a verse of your favorite Christmas carol if asked (about 30-seconds).
Download ‘A Christmas Carol’ audition packet