A Note from the Director of ‘Billy Elliot’



“I am very excited to be directing Billy Elliot this summer. This inspiring story of a boy born into a coal mining town and dancing for the right to his own hopes and dreams is very close to my heart.

We are looking for actors to fall in love with it too.

Based on true events during the violent 1984 coal miners strike in Northern England,  British labourers suddenly find themselves out of work, running out of hope, bruised but definitely not beaten. This is an “actors” musical full of gritty, tough, and real women, men, and children from the working class upon who’s back Britain built its superpower.

Diverse types and skill sets will bring the story to life. All actors, singers, and dancers encouraged to study this more detailed breakdown and consider an audition.” — Kelly Grussendorf, director of Billy Elliot: The Musical

——- ——- ——-

Dad:  Billy’s stoic father. 35-55. He drives the show. Performer must be an actor first, capable of buried angst, emotion and the dialect. Big or just imposing. Masculine. Talk singers considered. Tony and Dad must believably play 18 years apart. Minimal dancing. Ensemble singing.

Tony:  Billy’s brother.  A lazy but passionate miner. Hotheaded and scrappy. Emotional powerhouse and a believable son of Dad.  Actor first who nails the dialect. Masculine. Huge chip on his shoulder. Talk sings one song. Minimal dancing. Ensemble singing.

Mrs. Wilkinson:  The local ballet teacher who eventually becomes Billy’s mentor. Hardened and mouthy, but has a capacity for caring when she sees promise. Triple threat.  Must believably play opposite dad in age range. Surrogate mother figure to Billy. 

Debbie Wilkinson/Ballerina:  The ballet teacher’s daughter. A bit stand-offish and argumentative. Does not need to be a polished dancer. Really naturally quirky. Ensemble singing.

Grandma:  Billy’s eccentric grandmother. She is forgetful a little aloof and capable of resentment. Grandma is a closeted performer with a passion for self-expression that connects us to Billy’s same proclivity.

10-12 miners to play various roles:  A “gold” mine of characters. Gritty, tough, real, out of place, lazy, unmotivated, anarchist, elitist, prissy, governing, punishing, rebel, the possibilities are endless. Good part-singing actors who create distinguishable characters. At least 4 men cast will need to be good dancers.

Older Billy/Dancer/Miner:  Exceptional ballet and tap dancer to play Billy’s older self. 18-25. Should be able to shape-shift into ensemble characters. Singing skill not primary.

Small Boy:  A street urchin that is often seen but rarely heard. Actor first. Age is less important than stature. Dancing/singing experience not required.

Tall Boy/Posh Boy (Kevin):  Gets in a fight with Billy. Doubles as snooty boy at the Royal Ballet.  A scrappy kid that’s taller and more imposing than Billy. Actor will be in most ensemble scenes and singing. Actor will dance according to skill level.

Ensemble Women (3, including Dead Mum):  Rock solid, part-singing gritty, real actresses to play miner’s wives, ballet school and other parts. Good voices and shape shifting ability. Looking for a few of these women to be dancers.

Dead Mum:  Actress capable of pure motherly sself-sacrificiallove. Young enough in relationship to the family to exemplify the loss and challenge they are left to face as her age would be frozen by death. Soloist.

Ballerinas:  A rag tag bunch of various skill levels and body types. Members of Mrs. Wilkinson’s dance class. The wanna be, nerd, stars in the eyes, momma forced me to dance, teachers pet. Possibilities are endless. Featured dance numbers and ensemble singing. Ballet required.

——- ——- ——-

Billy Elliot Auditions are  Saturday, January 28th!

Director: Kelly Grussendorf  |  Musical Director: Andy Kust  |  Choreographer: Amber Burns

Time:  10:00am-1:00pm (sing only on Saturday, January 28)

Callbacks:  Sunday, January 29

Callback Times:  Noon-2pm (Youth Callbacks)  |  2:00-6:00pm (Adult Callbacks)