A Note from the Director of ‘Death of a Salesman’


“Death of a Salesman is one of Arthur Miller’s greatest plays. For me, due to the strength of its characters, relationships and unique story structure, it is one of the greatest plays ever written. And that is what will be the focus of the Underground’s production.

For me, the show is about a man that feels ignored, forgotten by society, who is so weighted by his regrets that he feels that a desperate act is his only hope. We, the onlookers, get to witness the last gasp of life in the Loman family as they desperately try to connect with and hang on to each other or at least who they think they are. This production will dig into these relationships, these interactions, and these characters and lean heavily on the performers as the story plays out.”



The cast will be cast age appropriately. I will be seeking cast members who are comfortable going to, at times, very uncomfortable places as we explore these characters in the tradition of realism.

Willy Loman: (50s– 60s)

  • An aging traveling salesman who is beginning to lose his grip on reality as he struggles with guilt and crumbling family relationships.

Biff Loman: (30s– 40s)

  • Willy’s grown son who has struggled to find himself ever since high school where he was a football star. Biff also plays his teenage self in Willy’s flashbacks.

Happy Loman: (20’s – 40s)

  • Willy’s youngest son who is a woman chaser and unhappy with his work life. Happy also plays his younger self in Willy’s flashbacks.

Charley: (40s– 60s)

  • Willy’s friend and neighbor who is concerned about Willy’s fading condition and though he has to endure occasional abuse from Willy he often lends him money.

Bernard: (20s-40s)

  • Charley’s son who was looked down upon as a kid by Willy and his sons, but has grown up to be a successful lawyer.

Linda Loman: (50s– 60s)

  • Willy’s patient wife who loves her husband deeply despite his shortcomings.

Howard Wagner: (20s– 40s)

  • The son of Willy’s boss. He fires Willy.

Uncle Ben: (20s– 40s)

  • Willy’s older brother who has become rich. He only shows up in Willy’s memories.

The Woman: (30s– 40s)

  • Willy’s mistress while he went on business trips.

Other Ensemble Roles

  • Stanley, Older Waiter, Miss Forsythe, Letta, Jenny



  • General Auditions:  Saturday, September 16
  • Time:  3:00-6:00pm
  • Callbacks:  Sunday, September 17
  • Callback Time: TBA
  • Audition Requirements: Read and be familiar with the script. Short readings of sides to be provided the day of auditions.
  • Rehearsal Dates: Begin January 22, and typically run Monday-Friday from 6:00-10:00pm.
  • Performance Dates:  February 22-March 3, 2018 (Thursday-Saturday @ 7:30pm) in The Underground Theatre