A Note from the Director of ‘Time Stands Still’


“Auditions are coming up soon and we thought you might like some more information about the script and the roles. I can tell you from experience that playing a character written by Donald Marguiles is an actor’s dream — he gives you much to explore and creates characters so real and fully human.” — from Julie Ahasay, director of Time Stands Still

 “My plays are really about people who live in the real world…in all of its colorations and all of its terror and joy.” (Donald Marguiles)

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About the Play

This is a show that is witty, intelligent, deep and especially timely featuring four beautifully written characters. It asks the actors and the audience to examine some difficult questions about relationships, happiness and how best to live in a world torn by conflict and suffering.

And, at its heart, Time Stands Still is a love story. As Sarah and James try to figure out how to be together in the aftermath of extraordinary experiences, Mandy and Richard are newly in love and filled with optimism and joy.

About the Characters

“Compelling…absorbingly intelligent, offering spacious roles to actors that are rich with possibilities of unexpected discovery.” — LA Times “

Time Stands Still crackles with bright wit and intelligence…the range of feeling it explores is wide and deep.” — NY Times

Sarah: A photojournalist recently home from Iraq
As the play opens, Sarah is just returning home after being seriously injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq. She has spent her entire career in the midst of danger and horror documenting war, famine and genocide. Over the course of a year, we see her wrestle with the loss of a loved one, a relationship with James that is changing and the very ethics of the profession she has proudly made her life’s work.

James: A war journalist and Sarah’s partner
James is an idealistic man who knows he is at a crossroads in his life. In the wake of the trauma he and Sarah suffered in Iraq, he finds that his greatest desire is to take care of Sarah, get married, have some kids and see what a “normal” life looks like.

Richard Ehrlich: Sarah’s editor, long-time friend and former lover
A successful and secure professional, Richard is in a relationship with a younger woman who adores him. He’s having a great time with a woman maybe for the first time in his life. This relationship with Mandy is a gift that drives an optimism he hasn’t known before.

Mandy Bloom: Richard’s young girlfriend
Mandy is young, optimistic, interested in life and curious about the greater world. She’s deeply in love with Richard. She is also the outsider here—the other three characters have been close friends for years and share a style of banter that is foreign to her. At first glance, she seems empty-headed and shallow but we soon see that her outlook on life and her true understanding of her own emotions—so different from the other three characters—provide a refreshing honesty that opens some eyes and hearts.

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Time Stands Still Auditions are Sunday, January 29th!

Director: Julie Ahasay

Time: 4:00-6:00pm *Please try to come between 4:00-5:00pm and be prepared to stay for 1-hour.*

Callbacks: TBD