Ali Littrell Finstrom is Marian Paroo in ‘The Music Man’

If you’ve seen a show with us in the past few seasons, you’ve most likely seen Ali Littrell Finstrom taking the stage. Prior to playing Marian in The Music Man this summer, Ali appeared as the Narrator in our holiday production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, as Mary Poppins in (also the holiday production) of Mary Poppins, and numerous other roles.

With our summer musical days away from opening at the NorShor, let’s get to know our Marian Paroo a little bit more!


What attracted you to The Music Man?

  • I was introduced to The Music Man as a small girl.  My dad played Harold Hill in his high school so our family has always had a fun connection to the show.  I am thrilled to get to continue The Music Man tradition in our family.

What hidden talents does your character have that others might not be aware of?

  • She loves to dance, even though she doesn’t dance very often.  She is a wiz at research and can read an entire book in a fraction of the time it takes others to complete. Because she works outside of the home, she is not a good cook.  However, she makes amazing homemade caramels.

How did you get involved with The Playhouse?

  • About 6 years ago, I was introduced to Christine Seitz after having just moved to Duluth from the Twin Cities.  Shortly after I was cast as Maria in The Sound Of Music and have been fortunate to be apart of many wonderful shows since.  It has been a privilege to be apart of this theater community!

What is the biggest difference (you’ve noticed) between how people were in the early 1900’s verses 2018?

  • Etiquette!  The way people spoke to one another back then and acted is very different.  Things were much more formal and calculated. It is always fun to step back in time when doing a show!

What’s next for you? Production-wise?

  • The biggest and best role is being wife to Erik and mom to Kayleigh, Andrew, and Emily!  So I will be going back full wife/mom duty after Music Man till I feel the itch to do some more theater.  But I never feel so much joy then when I am with my family 🙂


From left to right: Ali as the Narrator in ‘Joseph…’, Mary Poppins in ‘Mary Poppins’, Betty Haynes in Irving Berlin’s ‘White Christmas’, and Fantine in ‘Les Miserables’.