Get to know the ladies of ‘Steel Magnolias’

Tonight, at the NorShor Theatre, we open Robert Harling’s Steel Magnolias, and we can’t wait for audiences to come and experience this story of friendship and family live on stage. Many of you are probably familiar with the movie of the same title starring Sally Field and Julia Roberts, but how many of you have seen it on the stage?

We got in touch with our six spitfire ladies bringing this script to life to ask them a few questions. Get to know our cast of Mary Fox (Truvy), Mallory Polivka (Annelle), Ellie Martin (Clairee), Louisa Scorich (Shelby), Christa Schulz (M’Lynn) and Pat Isbell (Ouiser) before coming to see the show. (Click here for tickets!)

Where might have we seen you on stage before?

  • MARY (M): Take It With You! On the Teatro stage at Zeitgeist!
  • MALLORY (MAL): In the ensemble in the Playhouse’s production, The Wizard of Oz.
  • ELLIE (E): Significant Other at UMD playing Helene Berman.
  • LOUISA (L): The Wizard of Oz at the NorShor as Auntie Em and Glinda.
  • CHRISTA (C): Lend Me a Tenor as Julia, at the Duluth Playhouse.
  • PAT (P): As Mrs. Gibbs in Our Town at the Playhouse in 2018.


What is your favorite 80s fashion moment?

  • M: Madonna’s cone boobs and Hammer Pants.
  • MAL: Leg warmers! I am a dancer, and so I am particularly a fan of this 80s trend!
  • E: Jane Fonda’s work-out outfits, complete with leg-warmers.
  • L: Jelly shoes.
  • C: Honestly, it was probably Annie Lennox’s androgynous look in the “Sweet Dreams” video. I was much struck.
  • P: My favorite 80’s outfit was a pair of black stirrup pants (much like the leggings of today but with these annoying stirrups that went under your feet) and a black and green striped “Hang Ten” shirt that I belted way up high on my waist.  And of course BIG hair made even bigger with Aqua Net hairspray.


Describe your character in three words.

  • M: Truvy is UNCONDITIONAL, SOLID, and all HEART
  • MAL: Annelle is naive, sincere, and sweet
  • E: Witty, loving, loyal
  • L: Joyful, strong-willed, and spirited
  • C: Strong, Sure, Scared
  • P: Ouiser is a feisty (but) lovable curmudgeon


If you owned a beauty salon, what would its name be?

  • M: The Back Rat
  • MAL: Kitty Kat Kurl
  • E: Belle Couture
  • L: Big Lou’s Bouffant Bar
  • C: A cursory Google search reveals that all my best ideas have been taken, so I’ll just go with “The Cut & Christa”
  • P: Snip-n-Sip  (My salon would have a combination coffee shop/wine bar for customers…and staff.)


In the film version of your life, who plays you?

  • M: Oprah
  • MAL: Ooo. Emma Stone. Love her!
  • E: Sally Field
  • L: Amy Adams
  • C: Greta Gerwig, please. I would also like her to direct the film and win an Oscar for that.
  • P: Julia Louis Dreyfus


If you could gossip in a salon with any three women (alive or dead), who would you pick?

  • M: Lizzo, Dolly Parton, and Eleanor Roosevelt.
  • MAL: Well, I try not to gossip, but if I could be in a salon with any three women, it would be my three besties from high school.
  • E: Elaine Stritch, Mary Tyler Moore, and Helen Hayes.
  • L: Dorothy Parker, Julia Child, and Bernadette Peters.
  • C: Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Aretha Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.
  • P: Karen Walker, Laverne DeFazio, and the Dowager Countess.


Now, why don’t you come and see the show?