Meet Tanya of Mamma Mia! Vicki Fingalson

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Meet Vicki Fingalson, one corner of the dynamic trio that makes up one super trouper troupe of Dynamos. 

  1. What brought you to Mamma Mia!?
  • ABBA!  I’ve been a lifelong fan.  Also, the director, Michael! He is such a joy and each rehearsal provides opportunities for me to grow in new ways.  It’s a thrill to push myself outside my comfort zone.  A pop-rock musical with lots of dancing is definitely outside my comfort zone!


2. What’s a fun fact about your character that others may not know?

  • “Tanya” is the choreographer for the world’s first Girl Power Band – Donna and the Dynamos!


3. How did you get involved in theater?

  • My theatrical tendencies presented themselves at an early age – my mother has told me that I used to watch myself cry in a mirror so often, that she had to take mirrors down!  Dramatic, sad, or tortured characters have always been my particular favorite which is perfect for opera – my “regular” gig.  And I remember feeling the first twinge of competition in 2nd grade, as I auditioned to play the Witch in Hansel & Gretel.  There were two of us who were called back – one would be the Witch (who turned into a Princess and sang a pretty song), and the other would be a singing shrub.  I remember the adrenaline and the weird burst of confidence that accompanied me into the audition room.  My friend made a terrific singing shrub.  Then the theater bug lay dormant for a time, giving way to my focus on music and singing.  But in my first year as a Master’s student in voice performance, I was cast in my first opera, and the rest is history.  Music-Theater (opera, operetta, musicals, revues) has become the perfect marriage of singing and theater for me.  I love it and couldn’t imagine my life without it.


4.  If you could do anything, what would it be? And why?

  • I would be a forensic scientist.  I love solving puzzles!  In my daily life, I often solve hypothetical problems as my method for making decisions.  I got this from my dad.  It’s a long process, for sure, but I always feel secure in my choices after I have hypothetically solved all the potential hurdles.


5. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?

  • Craziest:  My husband, Jeff and I bought a duplex in really bad condition and spent two years renovating it ourselves.
  • Craziest/Best:  We adopted our sweet little boy – Samuel Arthur Lyle – after a long 4-year wait.
  • Craziest/Most Spontaneous (I’m not usually a spontaneous person, see the answer to the previous question…):  Became a redhead for Mamma Mia!

Thank you!