Mixer Blast 2021

Start the new year off with a commitment to your health and fitness journey.

We’re offering three weeks of cardio, strength, endurance, and flexibility classes to get your body and mind into shape for 2021!


  • Mixer blast begins January 11, 2021.
  • Classes are held Monday-Thursday from 5:15-6:pm and on Saturdays from 9-9:45am.
  • NEW! – Classes will be held both online via Zoom and in-person at the NorShor Theatre. Room capacity for the in-person class option will be limited to 10 individuals to follow recently updated COVID guidelines.





  • Max-Out Mixer (Cardio to the Max): In this cardio workout, max out your endurance through various HIIT movements. Condition your stamina and boost energy!
  • Mixer STRONG (Upper Body Strength): Sculpt and strengthen your upper body through resistance training and exercises using your own body weight. Get strong, tone muscles and build power!
  • Amber’s Mixer (Dance Cardio): Have fun in this dance cardio class!
  • Mixer CORE (Lower Body Strength): Improve balance, coordination, and posture through various core and lower body exercises, including those glutes! Train crucial muscles to help maintain the stability of the spine and pelvis.
  • Mixer Stretch (Flexibility & Mobility): Keep your body flexible, strong and healthy through various stretches that help maintain range of motion. Loosen and relax!
  • View the Mixer Blast calendar here


Mixer Blast classes will stream live online via Zoom and in-person at the NorShor Theatre rehearsal studios (211 E. Superior St., downtown Duluth). Face masks and other precautions will be observed for the in-person option.