Phase 2 of the Superior Street construction project has arrived

The City of Duluth is excited to kick off the next season of transformation in downtown Duluth with a series of upcoming events. Superior Street will undergo the second of three phases of construction to install improved utilities, energy efficient closed loop hot water heat system, and streetscape amenities that cater to more pedestrian activity and enjoyment.

The second phase extends from east of Lake Avenue to west of 4th Avenue E., and this phase does include and affect Duluth Playhouse productions performing at the NorShor Theatre this April-October 2019.

Here is the scope of the project for Phase II of Superior Street Reconstruction


What does this mean for our patrons coming to see a show between now and October?


  • Sidewalk access will be available throughout the entire process!
  • If you typically do front door drop-off before and/or pick-up after performances, however, this will not be an option during the construction phase. It may remain an option through the run of Sweeney Todd, but for upcoming events after Sweeney Todd and through October, patrons will need to make alternate drop-off or pick-up arrangements.



  • Right inside the doors of the Medical Parking Ramp (marked with the NorShor logo), we have a waiting area and an usher ready to help should you require assistance safely navigating the skywalk and your way into the NorShor.
  • New signage is posted throughout the parking ramps, as well as street kiosks to assist with directions and wayfinding.


Examples of signage helping patrons find their way through the skywalk during construction.



  • The Medical District Ramp (302 E. First Street). Located behind the Sheraton Hotel, this ramp is currently free for the 1st hour and free after 5:00pm. This ramp is also connected to the Greysolon Plaza and the NorShor Theatre via the skywalk, and new directional signage will help guide patrons and visitors to both locations.
  • The HART District Ramp (125 E. Superior Street). There is access to this ramp via 1st Street on the left-hand side of the street, right after the Pawn Duluth storefront (look for blue Public Parking signage!). This ramp also has free parking for the first hour but will charge after that. This ramp is also NOT connected to the NorShor Theatre via the skywalk. Patrons will have to walk to the theatre from this ramp.
  • The Tech Village Ramp (10 E. First Street). Located behind Pizza Luce and just before Lake Avenue, this ramp will also be free for the first hour of parking but will charge after that first hour.


  • Our Box Office hours will currently remain the same (Monday-Friday, noon-6:00pm), and you may always contact us by phone (218.733.7555) or email ( for assistance.

We’ll do our best to keep you informed of changes and happenings while Phase 2 of the project occurs through the summer on our website,, so make sure to bookmark it!

If you want to know more specifically about the project phases, get in touch with project staff and receive the latest “Word on the Street” by subscribing to press releases and weekly newsletters at