Review: An engaging hour about ‘Science!’ for kiddies

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The time has come to elect a president and the choice is between a male candidate and a female candidate when suddenly a third candidate appears who announces he is “better than both of the other candidates combined.”

Do not get too excited about the idea, people, because this is not reality but rather the situation in Imaginarium: Mad Science!, the Theatre for Young Audiences production directed by Robert Lee that opened Saturday afternoon at the Underground. The presidency in question is that of the Secret Association of Science Society (S.A.S.S.), and just by showing up you get to be a member.

Wally (Jonathan Manchester) and his sister Penny (Lacy Habdas) are the original candidates when their cousin Thaddeus (Mike Pederson) throws his hat into the ring. The “race” will be decided by not by votes, but rather by who knows the most about science, and this hour-long show covers an impressive array of topics from animals, colors, and aerodynamics to magnets, germs, and kinetic energy.

Early on I was wondering about the age appropriateness of the science worked into the show, but during the discussion of primary colors a young girl in the front row piped up, “I know this,” which I take as a good sign. Regardless of your age, you are going to learn a thing or two from this high-energy show.

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What: Imaginarium: Mad Science!
When: July 23 & 24, 2016
Showtimes: Saturday @ 1pm and 4pm, Sunday @ 2pm
Tickets: Available online or call 218.733.7555
Ticket Prices: BOGO ALERT! Buy one Adult ticket ($14), get a youth ticket for $5! (This offer is only available at the door or over the phone. It is currently not available online.)