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The acting curriculum at Duluth Playhouse trains students not only in the skills and techniques specific to performance onstage, but also in broader concepts inherent within acting methodologies such as the structure and importance of storytelling, making the creative process explicit, critical thinking and problem solving, and exercising multiple types of communication.

Students will study and work on different established acting methodologies through text, physical and vocal expression, and improvisation. Emphasis in acting classes will be on the process (technique, experimentation, analysis, play) rather than the product (performance). Each class will culminate in an informal final showing allowing family/friends of students a sneak peek into where the classes are in their process and study. The skills exercised in these acting classes are cumulative (the more classes taken the stronger the skills will be) and can be directly applied when the student is participating in more specifically performance-oriented situations, such as being cast in plays or musicals.

All personality types bring strengths to the acting classroom and have a place to explore and grow within these classes.

Level 1        Grades K – 2
story/character structure, creative play, body awareness/control 
Level 2        Grades 3 – 5
imagination as a skill, character analysis, build actors ‘toolbox’
Level 3        Grades 6 – 8
movement training, rehearsal/vocal training, analysis performance
Level 4        Grades 9 – 12
individual responsibility, performance, collaboration, analysis/research

The music theatre curriculum at Duluth Playhouse centers around the idea that although acting, singing, and dance need to be studied as independent disciplines in order to be a well-rounded music theatre performer, it is just as necessary to study the techniques that meld them together into one form. In these classes, students will be building ways to explore narrative and character within text, music/rhythm/sound, and movement/physicality/dance. Although technique specific to acting, singing, and dance will be taught, the emphasis will be on how to connect all three disciplines within the context of the larger story being told. 

Because of the nature of song and dance being incorporated into the story, the music theatre curriculum organically trains students along the spectrum from more realistic to more abstract. This process of interpreting an emotion/idea through stylistically changing frameworks exercises a student’s ability to think outside the box, creatively problem solve, and think critically about the efficacy of their choices.

Level 2        Grades 3-5:
acting, singing
and dancing
Level 3        Grades 6-8:
musical theatre styles /periods,
physical theatre, solo and
ensemble work
Level 4        Grades 9-12:
thoughtful exploration of ensemble vs
individuals, ownership of
the character/materials

Delve deeper into certain specialized areas of performance, which could include improvisation, audition technique, body or voice specialization, and courses on specific training methodologies. We offer introductions into non-performance disciplines including the design areas of costume, lighting, scenic, props, and sound or the technical areas of carpentry, electrics, and painting or administrative areas of marketing, development, and front of house. Additionally, teaching students about leadership roles within the theatre such as directing, choreography, music directing, technical direction, artistic/executive direction, and production management is another priority for our programming. 

(Grades 9-12)
style, memorization, terminology, and etiquette, build a confident performer in dance calls, rehearsals, and onstage
(Grades 6-8)
character examination, story structure,
techniques, build impulses, reflexivity,
and new ideas
(Grades 9-12)
character examination, story structure, voice/body techniques, build impulses, reflexivity, and new ideas
(Grades 6-12)
audition process–
from first through
getting cast, focus
skills experience confidence
  – new headshots
(Grades 6-12)
deep understanding
of whole process of
full production hands-on activities, uncover new skills

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