Meet Rosie of Mamma Mia: Tanya Moore

What interested you in Mamma Mia? There were so many reasons I wanted to be a part of this production of Mamma Mia. I had turned 40 years old and decided some bucket list items needed to start being checked off. I wanted the physical and mental challenge of learning a new show. (I have […]

Meet Harry of Mamma Mia!: Jason Scorich

Meet Jason Scorich, who is currently tearing up the NorShor Theatre stage as Harry Bright (or should we call him Head Banger?). Read on! ——- How did you get involved in theater? I was a theatre-deprived child. I didn’t see my first play until I was almost 20. It was Macbeth at the Playhouse, and […]

Meet Tanya of Mamma Mia! Vicki Fingalson

Meet Vicki Fingalson, one corner of the dynamic trio that makes up one super trouper troupe of Dynamos.  What brought you to Mamma Mia!? ABBA!  I’ve been a lifelong fan.  Also, the director, Michael! He is such a joy and each rehearsal provides opportunities for me to grow in new ways.  It’s a thrill to […]

Meet Sophie of Mamma Mia: Courtney Groves

Meet Courtney Groves, another one of our visiting guest artists making their way onto the NorShor Theatre stage for its big premiere.   What got you involved in theater? When I was in first grade, my music teacher wrote a show titled “One Special Cookie” for the entire first grade to perform. When I got […]

Meet Sam of Mamma Mia!: Shad Olsen

  You studied in New York for acting but started at The Playhouse. What production was it, and how old were you? My first Duluth Playhouse production was in 1998 with the musical Emerald Green. I was 17 years old playing an 80-year-old man in a nursing home as well as a 20-something version of […]